Penn Reel Clamp - Anodized Aluminum With Loop

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Upgrade and customize your fishing reel with a Sea Halt fishing reel clamp, and never lose your reel overboard.

ENGRAVING DIRECTION: default will read with the loop on the RIGHT of the text. This will put the loop for a leash on your left side while fighting a fish. it will also be best read with the reel tip in the air and the rod butt in the a rod holder. If you would like this reversed please message us with the engraving that you would like the loop to the LEFT of the engraving.

Made from aircraft quality (6061) aluminum
Anodized so that they will hold up to salt water and outdoor conditions
Feature a loop for securing a leash to your boat, or a place for your hook
Engraving available, making them perfect as a gift, a way to customize your pole, or simply to help you remember which pole is yours on a busy boating excursion


NOTE: Hardware not included, you will need mushroom style nuts to attach this clamp that are used on all the current model reels. Your reel needs to use the same nuts and bolts/studs as in the photos. If you have standard hex nuts or wing nuts holding your current clamp on, you will need to purchase the latest mounting hardware separately to upgrade to this style clamp. Just ask and we will help you to find hardware if needed.


DISCLAIMER: The color is not guaranteed to match your reels. We do our best to work with the anodizing company to match as close to the current gold color that most manufacturers use, but the process has variables and is not always a perfect match.

If you choose to have engraving done please note that a return will not be accepted due to the product being marked with your information or name on it.

 Clamp Part # Reel Model
  • International 12, 16, and some 20 series with center distance of the mounting studs under 1.5”
  • Warfare 15, 20, 30
  • Fathom 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, and 60 
  • GLD20 
  • 515MAG2 
  • 525MAG2
  • 525MAG
  • 535GS
  • 545GS 
  • 555GS 
  • 320GT
  • 321GT
  • 330LD
  • 975
  • Torque 100, 200, 300
  • Senator 113
  • 209, 309 Special Purpose Level Wind Reel
  • 140L Squidder Non-Level Wind Reel
  • 500L Jigmaster Non-Level Wind Reel
  • SQL12,15,30,40 Squall Reel (single speed)
  • TRQ12,15,25,30,40 Torque Star Drag Reel
  • 505HS Fishing Reel
  • Fathom Star Drag Conventional Reel: FTH12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40
  • 535MAG2
  • 209M
  • Squall Star Drag Conventional Reel: SQL15, 20, 25, 30, 40
  • Torque Lever Drag Conventional Reel: TRQ12, 25, 30, 40
  • GLD30
  • 340GT2/GTi, 345GT2/GTi GT Level Wind Reel
  • 114, 115 Senator Reel
  • SQL50, 60LD Squall Reel
  • SQL16, 30, 50VS Squall Lever Drag 2 Speed
  • 20VISX
  • 20VISXS
  • GLD50II (24KG) Graph-Lite Lever Drag Reel
  • 30VSW International V Series Reel
  • 30VI international VI series
  • 30VSX International V Series Reel
  • 30VW International V Series Reel
  • 50VI international  VI series
  • 50VSW (S.N. C060001 and After) International V Series Reel 1151033
  • 50VSX (1151035) International V Series Reel
  • 50VW International V Series Reel
  • 70VI international VI series 
  • 70VS (After S.N. F070001) International V Series Reel
  • 70VSL International V Series Reel


  • 14/0 and 16/0 
  • Senator 117L and 118
  • 1.875” rod diameter max.
  • 80T
  • 80TW
  • 80ST
  • 80STW
  • 80VISW
  • 80VISWS
  • 80VSW
  • 130 (Int.)
  • 130H
  • 130S
  • 130ST
  • 130VIS
  • 130VISS
  • 130VSX 
  • 80 (Int.)
  • 80S
  • 80SW
  • 80W
  • 116A
  • 116L
  • 116L-LH

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Alex H.
United States United States

It has been good. Have purchased the clamps for both of my reels

Loy T.
United States United States

Great clamps

I love the clamps!

Denton L.
United States United States

Reel clamp

Great product & top notch customer service.

Takashi S.
United States United States


I have received the package but only half. I have left the US already. can you catch up?

United States United States

Best Family Company EVER!!!

Truly a pleasure to deal with. Very patient with getting my logo to them but super prompt service that I can't be happier with! Did all my reels... All engraved with the boat name. So many compliments I have received so far. I love to show them off! Really finishes beautiful rods and reels. I HIGHLY recommend to everyone!! Penn 50 wides Penn 30 wides Penn 975ld's Penn Squall 30's