Diawa Tanacom Reel Clamp Longer Mounting Hardware m5 threads

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This hardware kit fits the Diawa Tanacom reels that use 5mm hardware. The studs are longer than stock hardware to allow for the clamp to hold larger diameter rods than the stock bolts, (they will work perfectly with smaller rods also).  The nuts for this hardware is designed to fit with the Sea Halt V3006 clamp and the original Diawa Clamp, The Diawa Clamp that came with your reel will not fit large diameter rods, You will need to upgrade to the Sea Halt V3006 Clamp for the #4 rods to fit you reel and clamp.

These m5 studs will work with the Kaigen Banex reels and will have longer threads than the stock studs, that reel needs a V3002 clamp with the original mounting nuts to work. These mushroom nuts are to larger for the Banex clamp. but the studs only will work.

This hardware measures:

m5x0.8mm threads

1-1/16" of threads on the stud  

1/2" of shoulder length on the nut fully threaded.

Mushroom nuts is .311" shoulder diameter and .504" diameter on the head